Where does a creative community of people start from?

“… And only when this person improves the living conditions of all members of the society, together with all he improves his life for himself, too”.

A. Novykh “AllatRa

Three months ago, a concierge was employed in one of the Kiev entrances of the apartment (concierge, concierge is a person whose job is to provide hotel guests or residents with everything necessary and create comfortable conditions for them). At the meeting of the tenants it was decided that there should be order and cleanliness in the house. That is, it is necessary to wash the floor in the elevator and at the entrance, to close the door gently, and also not to take other people’s things (young moms leave strollers and toys downstairs), not to look into other people’s mailboxes. Since it seemed difficult to deal with all that issues on their own, it was decided that a concierge was ideal for that. They decided and they did it. Soon, there were thickly draped curtains covering the entire space of the concierge room. A palm with shells was placed in the hall. It is interesting that before the reception of the concierge for work in this elite house there was already a code lock on the door. In theory, the appearance of the concierge had to radically change the situation. The woman cleaned and coped with other duties honestly. However, the dissociation and the neglection of the people only was increased. Surprisingly, some of the residents finally stopped closing the door and began to litter even more.

The observation of this situation in the key of the information received from the reading of the novels of Ivan Efremov “The Hour of the Bull” and “The Andromeda Nebula” made one of the residents of the apartment think about what she personally could do and from where to begin to build a community. A look at the situation from the position of the Observer from the spiritual nature, the analysis of the stereotypes and the inexorable movement towards the spiritual development and she opposed the system. On the 20th of the previous month, she regularly paid for concierge services and along with it she gave a detailed explanation to her and her neighbors about why she would not pay in the future. People heard the following: “I respect you and your work, but I will not support the consumer format in the society. Just because people do not want to live honestly and peacefully we need code locks and concierge and video cameras and guard dogs and so on. This leads to a closed circle. We can break this circle. I suggest that all neighbors meet and make up a schedule together for cleaning the porch and the elevator, treat the things of other people carefully, show respect for the life of the tenants. When once washing the floor, closing the door gently, lifting the blanket that fell from the stroller, each person will immediately start respecting the work and the life of his neighbor, colleague, co-worker, friend, acquaintance. By doing a cleaning once a week in the entrance we can find a lot interesting and in common. We can think of how to divide the front garden into parts and take care of it in turn. The young mothers can get organized and can look not only after their child and stroller but also after the neighbors’. Men will stop throwing cigarette butts in the entrance because they themselves will participate in the cleaning”. The concierge nodded and protested: “Yes, but it is not that way so far!”. But in fact, it will always stay that way unless at least one person goes against the established stereotypes of consumerism and begins to show an example of honor, dignity and creation.

“That is to do everything possible to ensure that the priorities based on the internal need to create and multiply the Good are established in the society, that is have the following frame of mind: ” I do it for God”, “I do it for people,” and not the current consumer format of buying and selling way of thinking: “you do it for me – I do it for you”.

A. Novykh “AllatRa

The meeting still took place. At first, the neighbors listened to the “new idea” reluctantly. But at the same time, they admitted that they really started to not care about the order in the entrance after employing the concierge. They noticed that their children started throwing papers in the elevator and on the stairs and therefore, they took that habit of littering to their houses. Each parent said that the children began to imitate them in their arrogant behavior first to the concierge and then to themselves. Without thinking for a long time, they made up a schedule of duty, they bought a good rug and put it at the door. They wrote a phone number in the elevator where one could call in case of a breakdown. Some housewives also put their phone numbers there to give help in time. The children were obliged to tear the rug in front of the door and wash the floor in the elevator every day. One girl has already prepared a front garden project. The men installed a bench together.

So where to start a creative community of people from?

Start with yourself! Look around, look at your life, get out of the consumer system and tell others about it. Show an active example of goodness, honesty and decency even in small things. You will make your own contribution in building a community of people.

Author: Rimma Khomichova

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