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Who Are the Anunnaki? Find out the TRUTH!

Why is the correct name of the planet Nubira and not Nibiru? What do the Anunnaki themselves call their planet? Are the Anunnaki a humanoid race? What are their advantages over us? Do they possess the ability of telepathy? Can they influence our will? Who is the God of the Anunnaki? Can humans reach the level of development of the Anunnaki? Identity of the predictions by Vanga and The Simpsons: how is this possible? What major task is performed by the Anunnaki in relation to the people of planet Earth? Under what conditions will humanity have access to super technologies that the highly developed Annunaki civilization already possesses?

0:00 Nibiru or Nubira: what is the correct name for the planet and why?
0:42 What is the real name of the planet Nubira? Is it the home planet of the Anunnaki?
1:29 Are the Anunnaki related to the human race? Whom do they protect?
1:54 What is the level of development of the Anunnaki, and how long has their race existed?
2:26 Are the Anunnaki the same as the deities of ancient Sumerians? Whom did Sumerians actually describe?
4:16 Can the inhabitants of the planet Nubira read minds and communicate telepathically?
4:36 Can they manipulate a human in order to make him see in a different way?
5:44 Why are the Anunnaki called reptilians?
6:35 What is the name of the God of the Anunnaki? Who is our God, and who is their God?
7:33 Is it possible to become a reptilian and have all their skills and qualities?
8:09 What do Vanga and The Simpsons animated series have in common?
9:23 How many Anunnaki are there on Earth? Why are there more of them than we would like to have and much fewer than we hope?
10:26 What awaits the human race in the future?
10:58 Will the Anunnaki share their advanced technology with us?
11:51 Why do the Vamfimians allow the Illuminati elite to manipulate us? What is the main function of the Anunnaki?
12:58 Who can change everything? Do we deserve to live in peace, equality and love?

Watch the full version of the video “Thought is Material. This is Proven” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, excerpts from which are presented herein.

“Thought is Material. This is Proven”  

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