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Do Not Be Afraid!

Why does a person suffer from fears most of his life even though he wishes to live in love and joy? What is fear, and why does it prevail in human life? How can you get rid of fear? Why are cowardly people vainglorious?

Does Personality have a function of fear, and can Personality experience fear? How to understand that you are a Personality?

How does Personality perceive images presented by consciousness, and what mechanism is behind an action? What does consciousness fight for?

Attention is the energy of life. Why does everyone in this world fight for attention? What is the reason for that?

What processes can we observe in ourselves when listening to some people or others? Why do people fight for power or wish to become famous and popular? Why is it important for a person who follows the spiritual path not to be afraid, to love, and to follow the straight path? This and much more is discussed in the video “Do Not Be Afraid!” with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

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