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Who Are You?

Why did some people feel joy and inner calmness during extreme events, while others felt panic, hopelessness, and despondency? Why did this happen not only to people engaged in spiritual self-development but even to those who are far from religions? What are the consequences of shifting responsibility onto others?

What is the angelic essence in a human? What is the apish essence in a human? Why do people perceive the same situations differently?

What is the inner life of a human-like? How to resolve inner conflict? How to distinguish within yourself where you are as a Personality (the angelic essence) and where your consciousness (the animal essence) is? Why is the “ape” within a human never satisfied with life?

“If I had an opportunity to abandon everything and seclude myself, what would I encounter within myself?”

What was the inner life of such great people as Jesus Christ and the last Prophet like? Why was the Prophet Muhammad reverent about spiritual practices until the end of his life? Where should attention be invested, and what kind of power is it? What is victory over oneself? Why, by changing yourself, do you change the world around you?

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Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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