Shadow control

WHO CONTROLS THE RULERS OF THIS WORLD? Real Creators of Hitler | Revelation of an Occultist

00:00 Disclaimer
00:11 Introduction
01:36 Lucifer’s games
04:30 Who is El? The story of his rise and fall
12:28 The Eternals
14:50 Agartha and Shambhala
16:00 Why the Eternals left into samadhi
17:25 Followers of the Eternals — the Keepers
18:53 Members of the group of Keepers
20:21 How the Keepers work; manipulations of the Keepers
24:40 Are Archons the Keepers?
25:46 Are the Keepers the world government?
25:56 Green Dragon order
30:11 Yellow Hats organization
31:35 The most powerful mages in the world
32:49 Main goal of the Keepers
34:44 Where did the idea of reducing the world population originate from?
37:24 Hidden activity of the Keepers
40:33 The Keepers and religions
41:39 Role of Yahweh’s people
43:35 True story of Christ
44:44 The Keepers’ war against the Prophet Muhammad
46:12 Manipulations of the Keepers on the example of the history of nazism
47:37 Where the swastika as a symbol of nazism originated from
48:56 The idea of nazism and the idea of communism
50:21 Nazism and religions
50:43 Catholic church and nazism
52:01 Support of nazism by the Orthodox Christian church
53:38 Representatives of Islam and nazism
56:23 What Jewish rabbis did when their nation was being intentionally exterminated
57:19 “Bottleneck” for Yahweh’s children
59:27 What is behind religions. Example of genocide in Croatia
1:03:00 The meaning of forced baptism
1:05:42 Suggestions by cardinals to canonize Hitler
1:06:28 Power practices of Hitler and his clique
1:08:27 What nazis burned along with books
1:09:30 The first nazi training bases with the use of power practices
1:11:08 Why Hitler got rid of the SA
1:12:34 The same practices in the SS
1:13:24 Transvestites of the Wehrmacht
1:14:33 People who influenced Hitler’s rise
1:15:27 About Richard Wagner
1:17:19 Occultist Lanz von Liebenfels and his role in the formation of Hitler as a dictator
1:18:40 Essence of power practices
1:19:23 How female power practices work
1:21:33 Male power practices
1:22:17 A woman in a male circle of power
1:23:28 Use of power practices by the nazis
1:24:23 How power is transferred through a word
1:25:38 Why rulers need power practices
1:26:30 What Hitler was taught in the first place
1:27:14 Hitler’s influence on the masses
1:28:23 Modern musicians and power practices
1:28:47 Another way to gain power and conscious reincarnation of Hitler’s clique
1:30:34 Who gave Hitler the knowledge about power practices and the practice of conscious rebirth
1:31:21 Meaning of clockwise and counterclockwise movement
1:33:25 How the Keepers defeated Knights Templar
1:36:29 Where did El get the knowledge about power practices?
1:37:15 Magic doesn’t exist
1:39:46 A story from the occultist’s practice
1:48:58 Four sacred stones that Hitler was looking for. Wewelsburg Castle
1:51:29 Why the Keepers chose Hitler for this role
1:52:34 Why Hitler was looking for the sacred stones
1:53:42 When the sacred stones were lost. Montsegur Castle
1:57:53 How Hitler tried to get rid of the Keepers’ authority
1:59:27 Hitler wasn’t convicted
2:01:23 Is Hitler not dead?
2:02:15 Stalin: the great mystic of the Soviet Union
2:03:57 Why do modern musicians need power practices?
2:06:40 Why is the world going crazy?
2:10:47 Who opposes the Keepers?
2:13:01 Do characters like Hitler represent attempts to create a new El?
2:13:27 Hitler and Stalin: the initial plan
2:15:00 Who was Stalin?
2:25:36 Why Hitler actually attacked the Soviet Union
2:18:31 The Keepers are the only force that will always be against unification of humanity
2:22:55 What will they do with the climate?
2:24:15 Three options for humanity to unite. THE CHOICE
2:27:10 Why the occultist came
2:27:55 Appeal

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