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Who does not want you to walk the spiritual path?

The person who begins to work on himself and to learn spiritual practices often gives up doing them, becomes discouraged, reluctant and lazy to do them, inventing excuses for oneself and different distractions from the Dialogue with God. But when such a state appears, you should stop and think who is it that does not let you talk to God?
Who creates mental barriers and illusory obstacles in your consciousness?
Who makes you think that the matters of this temporal, instantaneous world are more significant than the most important thing in your life – spiritual salvation in Eternity?
Who does not want you to walk the spiritual path?

There is one answer – the Animal nature. This is why when its clear opposition is manifested in the form of laziness, unwillingness, and excuses, you should double your efforts and begin to work on yourself spiritually. On the contrary, it is necessary to increase the time of meditations, dive deeper into feelings no matter what, knock at the spiritual world more persistently and restore your salvational sincere Dialogue with God. You must do spiritual practices at least twice a day and during the day preserve the connection with your inner world, with the Soul, with the sense of God’s presence. Then it will be not just a way of life – it will become that spiritual path which with every step will be bringing you into Eternity.

Man feels the presence of God and loves Him, reaches out for Him like a loving person for the loved Being to whom he craves to be forever near and to communicate with Him infinitely.

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh

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