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Why does man fear God?

…Why does man fear God, by turn loving Him and then hating Him? Because everyone, due to repeated reincarnations of their Soul, knows subconsciously that there is a spiritual world, there is God, and spiritual beings serving Him. The latter are called “angels” in legends among people. But they do not look the way people imagine them in the associative categories of religion. These are Beings of another dimension which is different from the three-dimensional world. After all, that reality cannot be described in words. Any attempt of such an interpretation of that world will be associatively linked to this world by human thinking and so, will distort reality. And if the subsequent transfer of this information is then carried out under the dominance of the Animal nature, well, you yourself, having encountered it repeatedly, have seen what form these “legends” eventually take and how they are fleshed out with extra details. Let’s take, for instance, the tales of “God’s Judgement”. In fact, everything is simple: each time after death of the material body, a person (or rather the Personality and the Soul with subpersonalities) has a “meeting” with representatives of the spiritual world and gives, so to speak, an Answer for the life lived, after which man’s further destiny is decided. Hence, various legends among the peoples of the world about God’s Judgement, the afterlife fate of man, and so on. Yet, how everything is twisted and dished up in those same religions and various beliefs?!

All this misunderstanding takes place also due to the fact that during its life the Personality has no access to the memory and experience of subpersonalities and the person does not know the whole truth about himself. If the life of a human (Personality) didn’t start from scratch every time with memory of past lives blocked, there would be no conditions for making a Choice. If people consciously remembered all the reincarnations of their Soul and the unbearable suffering which their subpersonalities are still experiencing, I assure you that all people would have long ago become angels. But, unfortunately, the memory of past lives is blocked. Each time a person has to plunge into this world again for the sake of independent conscious spiritual maturation of his Personality.

Still, what is good about such a “clean slate” of the new Personality’s consciousness? First of all, by the fact that priorities are inscribed on it anew which determine the dominant Choice during the life of the new Personality, regardless of previous “merits” of subpersonalities. That is, if the person drastically changes his life vector in favour of the Spiritual nature, directs his dominant thoughts to the spiritual channel and disciplines his consciousness, then he (the Personality) will get a real chance to save himself and his Soul in his life. After all, in such a case, he will start to qualitatively transform himself for the better and to live in the spiritual world. However, if human (the Personality) again wishes to get caught in the fetters of material thinking with thoughts of the Animal nature invariably dominating in him, then such a Personality will have only one route – to become a subpersonality. For the person will be spending the power intended for liberating the Soul on the never-ending desires of the material world.

Do you understand the fundamental difference between the life of a person in whom the material dominates versus the one who is dominated by the spiritual? When the material dominates in consciousness, a person lives by the material world, only occasionally thinking about the Soul. Sometimes, he may even try doing spiritual practices. He usually regards the latter as one of his hobbies or as a means of helping to develop “superpowers” in order to strengthen his influence on people and so on. At that, such a person naturally does not bother much to work on himself and tame his Animal nature. But when the spiritual dominates, the Personality in its new quality lives by the spiritual world, by its Love for God, abiding in it constantly. In this state, the person looks at all the tricks of the Animal nature with humour, knowing their nature and foreseeing its further attacks and subsequent actions. And they no longer burden the Personality, for a person does not fall for them because in his thoughts and feelings he lives already by the spiritual world. As for the material world, he only comes in contact with it since he continues his existence in the physical body, doing good deeds.

…one who is in Love is in God and God is in him, for God is Love

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh

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