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Why does the system often use images?

IM: Why does the system often use images?

Regarding the fact that practically all over the world people who are religiously focused, and even those who are not religiously focused, often experience a vision of the representatives of the Spiritual World. That is, in habitual images. Very often, they see the Virgin Mary as a quick helper, but again, in the majority of cases, it is precisely a creation of Mary’s antipode.
That means the consciousness uses a familiar image to anchor people exactly in the material. And here, note, that a person, while in a sick state, is praying and an image of that same Mary comes to him, and he is cured. What will be happening to that person? His faith will be strengthened… faith in the consciousness, but doubts inside. And a person does not go himself to develop spiritually, but he gets stuck exactly in the moment that he was selected, he is chosen, they came to him, he was saved. As if by being cured of an illness a person was saved?! A simple question. What, will he… not die now? Has he become immortal? This is a trick from the consciousness. What will arise in him? Faith will arise in him – yes, understanding – yes, but also fear. The fear which will not let him enter into the Spiritual World.

What did he ask for? For material wealth, a resolution of some conflict situation, better life. What did he get in the end? Such an opportunity. But what is happening now? Fear of loss. What’s stopping him? Fear. Does he have the opportunity? Yes, he does. But the fear of the unknown, but from whom that fear is coming? From the consciousness, from the one who asked for help in front of the icon. And this way it locks him.

Zh: The consumer attitude towards the Spiritual world. That means, he will ask again if he…

IM: Surely, he will always ask. He will not do it himself. Why does he need to create anything on his own if he can ask and get it? It is much easier this way.

However, this may happen too: a human does feel an interference… A person who should do something in his life, something good, or he stands on the verge, let us say, facing the choice, he feels the presence. He realizes that it is an influence of the Virgin Mary, exactly her influence. However, he does not see a three-dimensional image. It is a perception through feelings. That is the poinT: the perception through feelings, and when magic already appears. The magic always comes from the system. It does not come from the Spiritual World. The Spiritual World does not need any magic. Why does it need to intervene in this world?

Sometimes a direct interference occurs, but those cases are relatively rare; more often, it is just, let us say, goodwill, we can call it so. It is a manifestation of that power which is used just to help people in their spiritual development as the Personality when it can be felt even at the physical level.
This is to help people. However, many people use these forces to develop metaphysical abilities in themselves. Again, they turn it all to the detriment.
Why do they turn it all to the detriment?
As directed by the consciousness. Does he as a Personality not feel and understand that he should preserve these grains of life-giving dew and use them on his way through the desert?

T: … That is, to multiply them.

IM: That is right. That means one should not only preserve them but with their help, advance on this path. However, the consciousness immediately distracts and says: “Just do it, pay your attention to this, – the person has paid and has seen the result. You see – it works! You have gained something in the three-dimensional world.” What have you gained here that will stay with you? Nothing. All this is an illusion; all this is temporary. Just another picture in your consciousness. That is how the consciousness works.

From the program “Consciousness And Personality. From The Inevitably Dead To The Eternally Alive”

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