Why Doesn’t a Child Want to Study? How Not to Kill Genius in a Child? Psychology. Discovering Truth

In this episode of the project “Psychology. Discovering the Truth”, we’ll talk about education. Specifically, about the problems in the relationship between parents and children that arise due to education. To answer many questions on this topic and get an expert point of view directly on the education system, the participants of the project invited a guest – a candidate of pedagogical sciences and, an associate professor. Thus, in this video of the project “Psychology. Discovering the Truth”, viewers have the opportunity to look at the situation from the perspective of both pedagogy and psychology.

0:00 Help, my child doesn’t want to study!
2:30 What does the modern education system do to children? Terrible statistics.
6:19 How has education turned into an act of violence against children?
13:09 What interests children more than physics and mathematics nowadays? Who do our children imitate?
18:14 What happens to children at school and what do they keep silent about?
25:55 What is the right way to motivate a child?
33:06 Why is a smart person a threat to the consumerist format of society?
35:05 98% of children are geniuses. How to find talents and develop them?
40:12 What should the education system be like? What is important to develop in a person?
45:49 What should human education start with? What is the main component of a human being?
51:18 What should loving parents take care of first and foremost?
58:34 How to ensure a happy future for our children?
1:07:12 What to do with homework? How to help your child?
1:14:22 We choose what future awaits us

There are still enough gaps in psychology that do not contribute to a result-oriented solution to people’s requests.

So, friends, let’s figure out the relevant issues together and discover the Truth together!

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