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Why will IT professionals soon become unemployed?

  • Technology that is supposed to make our life easier is making us unemployed. Three professions of the future that will be privileged, will they really be? Why will IT professionals be the first to “leave”? What are the advantages of superintelligence over human programmers?
  • How did technologies replace humans throughout history? Is it right to think that your profession cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence and the latest technologies?
  • Why will humans not be needed once superintelligence is introduced into our life? What is the working principle of superintelligence?
  • How are top IT professionals now training superintelligence without even being aware of that? Can artificial intelligence be stupider than humans?

Watch the full version of the video with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov “The Future? This Affects Everyone”, an excerpt of which is presented in this video.



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