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Will is a force from the outside

Rigden: …For better understanding, I will illustrate with a figurative example of an Internet user what a person’s choice between the two dominant forces is. When a person focuses his primary attention on something, in other words, makes a choice, he does not see how he triggers the beginning of these changes in the first dimension by doing this. In our example, this is equivalent to pressing the start button of a computer which starts processes that are invisible to a person. So, it is the person’s attention that starts the process of movement at the level of the first dimension. Everything starts with it. This initial attention of the Personality is the primary force of the Observer, this is his freedom: where you direct your primary attention is what you activate. Man does not realise the full significance of the actions that have happened at the level of the first dimension but later he feels the consequences they have on his fate as quite real.

When a person turns on a computer, as a consequence, characters and symbols of different programs that store certain information appear on the screen after a while. And if it is, for example, the Internet, then before the user’s eyes, a set of characters and symbols appears, behind each of which a more voluminous layer of information is hidden. The Internet, in general, represents a complex interconnection with the world but… through different root (base) servers belonging to certain “authoritative” organisations and people who fund them secretly or openly. All this is based on the distribution of this or that ideology. By the way, such a notion as a “domain name”, which is today known to any “resident” of the Internet, comes from the Latin word “dominium” meaning “possession. ”As a rule, an Internet user does not stop and think about all this, diving into the stream of information provided for him to choose from. He sees details, but he does not see the whole picture, though he should. So then, the appearance of signs, symbols, various computer programmes, and short advertising texts of the Internet which hide whole layers of information behind them – all this is like interaction of the person’s attention with information at the level of the second dimension. In the material world, if one considers all the information of the second dimension globally, this will only be a different form of manifestation of programmes either from the Animal nature or from the Spiritual nature. Man has the freedom of choice. And while something out of this simply attracts his attention, something else holds it. As a result, out of all the variety, just like in an Internet search engine, he “opens” only that information (focusing on it) which has attracted his attention the most.  

From the perspective of the third dimension, man makes his Choice with this; in other words, he activates the process of obtaining information in the second dimension. By activating this information, he begins to “live” by it at the level of the third dimension. In other words, as a Personality, he lets this flow of information into himself and it manifests itself in the form of various images, emotions, desires, and thoughts in the consciousness, and it begins to live in him like in a sentient being. This pushes the person to specific actions within the programme of this Will from the outside. The very one of the many programmes by which this Will has drawn his attention to itself in the second dimension. As soon as he lets them in, this becomes equivalent to his giving preference to work in this or that programme and starting to move the cursor there (his attention), engaging different functions (mental images, desires, and emotions). And moving the cursor, as I have already said, equals to the creation, thanks to the ezoosmos, of actions that are invisible to man at the first stages but which then become events of his fate. Consciously, neither in the first dimension nor in the dimensions above, does a person perceive that he is the one who makes changes by applying the power of his attention to the programme that he has chosen. But he, as a Personality who has made a choice at a given point of time, is wasting his life force on materialising this Will from the outside, working according to this programme. 

Anastasia: And this point is very important. If we consider it globally, it turns out that we only think that we have will in the meaning of a force of creation, creating activity of the mind, or, as they say in psychology, as a “selfsufficient (having quite an independent meaning) source of human activity which determines the independence of behaviour from objective reasons.” It is interesting that those same psychologists relate will to control of your own behaviour which, they believe, becomes possible thanks to the use of artificial “means of conduct” – signs. 

Rigden: What we believe to be our own will is an illusion of our perception from the perspective of thinking of an individual mind of a three-dimensional world. If we consider our example, a person just activates the incoming flow of information with his choice and spends his life force on realisation of this Will. Will, whether emanating from the Spiritual nature (the world of God) or coming from the Animal nature (the Animal mind) is a force from the outside or, rather, an information programme implemented in a certain structure that carries it out. The substitution from the Animal mind lies in the fact that the Personality of the person perceives the forms of manifestation of one of these two global forces as his own will which in fact it does not have. 

Anastasia: In other words, what a person believes to be his own will and what he is excessively proud of, is not his own. It’s just a force that has entered him from the outside by means of the information he has chosen. It activates feelings, emotions, and thoughts in him that spur him on to certain actions within the programme of this Will, which is related to expenditures of life energy. 

Rigden: Quite right. People, while under the influence of pride from the Animal nature, love to liken themselves to higher forces endowed with their own Will. But not everyone asks themselves the questions: “By whose will do that particular action happen?”, “Who spurs me on to these thoughts?”, “Who gives rise to these particular desires?”, “Who in me is resisting and whom?”, and “Who is asking these questions and who is replying to them?” And there are very few of those who sort themselves out, understanding the process of confrontation between the Animal nature and the Spiritual nature, between the Will emanating from the Spiritual world and the Will from the Animal mind. Of course, the Animal mind is strong, but it cannot be compared to the primary force of the world of God. If the latter manifests itself clearly, the Animal mind cannot resist it directly but it can distract its Conductor (the person standing on the spiritual path) with its “trifles” in order to throw him off the right course, catch him with another illusion, and so on. The beginnings of manifestation of will in terms of creation appear in a person only when he, maturing spiritually, comes out from under the power of the Animal mind; that is, when he leaves the sixth dimension, getting into the seventh. And even then, it will not be a manifestation of “will” as such in the current human understanding but simply a new quality and expansion of the abilities of the Conductor of the divine Will. 

Anastasia: Yes, such substitutions from the Animal mind accompany human, as a being that lives in the material world, at every step. If a person does not work on himself, he is simply wasting his life on material desires, on the temporal and the mortal.

Rigden: On the one hand, a common person yearns to influence events of his life, craves for changes of his fate for the better. But these are all needs of the spiritual side which his brain successfully turns towards the Animal nature. As a result of this “reversed” understanding, people crave for “freedom” in terms of matter instead of the spiritual freedom: they crave wealth, fame, satisfaction of their selfishness, and abundance in their temporary existence. If a person focuses on his material desires for a long time and makes a lot of efforts to fulfil them from one year to the next, then sooner or later a series of events happen which leads to the desired result, even when by that time the person no longer needs it. In other words, a Personality may have a certain impact on the three- dimensional world, achieve what it desires, but this process is accompanied by huge expenditures of effort and energy and takes a long time. However, the question here is different: is it worth spending one’s life and great potential on achieving the temporary material wishes of the body? 

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh


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