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Zhanna Kushnir: Graveyard Magic, Payment to Evil Spirits, and Protection against Magic

Zhanna Kushnir — “the one who knows” — gave a special interview for the Shadow Control project, in the section Behind the Veil of Magic Secrets.

As long ago as in her childhood, Zhanna understood that she was different from other kids: she was interested in esoteric things and could see the dead. Then, at a certain moment, she realized that her task in the kin was to develop her kin through magic and esoteric techniques. She acquired her experience through practice without any adviser. She has covered a path from demonic magic to working with elements and will tell about her mistakes on the path and payment for them.

Watch in this episode:

  • How and why the dead come
  • What works evil spirits perform
  • What is graveyard magic?
  • How a mage connects to a person and reads information
  • Behaviour of a person with a deceased settled in him
  • Protection against magic

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